Almighty Waterproof Paste is a single component,strong viscoelastic, water-based multi-functional waterproof coating.It is made of high-quality polymer and rubber emulsion as the main material, and adding various additives such as strong adhesive and multifunctional stabilizer.



Waterborne and Odour-less: Water-based material, odour-less formula;


Strong adhesion: The active ingredient fully penetrates into the pores of the cement base surface, forming a dense protective layer with the base surface;


High-elastic crack resistance: It can resist the slight vibration of buildings and cover the slight cracks caused by hot and cold shrinkage, cracking, sinking, etc.;


Color multi-function: Color waterproof coating to prevent leaking brush, and white has sunscreen insulation effect;


Convenient construction: Single-component paste coating, ready to use in a barrel, efficient and convenient.



Various types of structures such as roofing, ceiling, gutters, balconies, etc.;


Basement, kitchen and bathroom, garage and other waterproof and moisture-proof treatment;


Waterproofing works for swimming pools, civil air defense, subways, tunnels, underground envelope structures etc.;


It is especially suitable for waterproofing of shaped parts with complex structure, easy deformation and cracking;


  • 基层应平整、坚实、无明水、清洁无油脂;管道部位应预先做抹平压光处理,检查管道安装是否牢固,管道和基面接缝必须确保严密不松动方可施工。

The base layer should be flat, solid, free of water, clean and free of grease; the pipe part should be pre-sintered and calendered to check whether the pipe installation is firm, and the pipe and base joints must be tight and not loose before construction.

  • 防水涂层施工:涂膜材料涂刷应遵循少量多次,以使涂膜厚度均匀,增强结构。一次涂布量0.4-0.5mm。涂膜完第一遍后,一般需固化2小时以上,至指触基本不粘手时,再按垂直方向进行第二遍涂膜施工,针对底板和墙体阴阳角部位,宜铺设纤维无纺布进行增强处理。管道、设备基础、地漏四周,地面阴阳角应增强涂刷,墙面离地30cm以内都要涂膜。对平面基层以涂刷2-3遍为宜。根据国家规范防水涂膜厚度以不小于2mm为合格。

Waterproof coating construction: The coating material should be brushed a small number of times to make the film thickness uniform and enhance the structure. The coating amount is 0.4-0.5 mm at a time. After the first pass film is applied, it usually needs to be cured for more than 5 hours. When the finger touch is basically not sticky, the second coat is applied in the vertical direction. For the bottom and the yin and yang corners of the wall, fiber non-woven should be laid. The cloth is enhanced. Pipes, equipment foundations, floor drains, ground yin and yang angles should be enhanced, and the walls should be coated within 30cm of the ground. It is advisable to apply 2-3 times to the plane base layer. According to the national standard, the thickness of the waterproof coating film is not less than 2mm.



Visual inspection is not safe, and the best method for quality inspection of waterproof construction is closed water acceptance;


The closed water acceptance should be carried out at least 72 hours after the completion of the coating construction to avoid the phenomenon of peeling, falling off and cracking caused by excessive partial curing during the multi-pass construction process.


After the closed water is accepted, the use of sharp objects should be avoided to damage the coating. If it is damaged, it should be repaired immediately;


In order to avoid the active substances that affect the penetration of the product; It is not allowed to add other materials, so as not to affect the product use effect;


It needs to be stored in an environment that can prevent frost. The newly applied waterproof coating also needs to prevent frost and rain;


The suitable construction temperature is 5-40℃, the humidity is 50-70%, and the outdoor construction wind is not more than 5 grades.



Be sure to read the construction instructions carefully before use to obtain reliable and satisfactory construction results;


Do not allow children or pets to come into contact. If children are inadvertently contaminated, rinse immediately with plenty of water.


When the product is accidentally leaked, it should be collected in sand or soil in time and collected and disposed of reasonably. When disposing of the waste, it should comply with local environmental protection standards. Never pour the product into the sewer or drain pipe;


It is strictly forbidden to eat. Eating by accident,please go to doctor immediately;


  • 存放于阴凉干燥处,须储存于0℃以上,以防霜冻,未启封的产品保存期为12个月;

Shall be stored it in a dry and cool area, store at 0℃ or above to prevent frost, unopened product shelf life is 12 months;

  • 本产品禁止倒放,可长途运输。

Product can not be reversed;Long distance transportation is allowed.

声明: 本产品使用超出厂商控制,本公司不承担由于不正确使用引起任何损失的责任,施工请按照说明书的指示进行,有关问题请咨询当地经销商或本公司技术服务。

Attention: The use of this product is beyond the control of the manufacturer. The company does not assume any responsibility for any loss caused by improper use. Please follow the instructions in the manual for the construction. For related questions, please consult your local distributor or our technical service.



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